Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Death of the Republic

It has been a while I know, but here on page 226 President Hinddenburg has finnally passed. This is the key moment in which Hitler gains total power.

All through the summer the seemingly indestructable Hindenburg had been sinking and on August 2, at nine in the morning, he died in his eighty-seventh year. At noon, three hours later, it was announced that according to a law enacted by the cabinet on the preceding day the offices of Chancellor and President had been combined and that Adolf Hitler had taken over the powers of the head of state and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. The title of President was abolished; Hitler would be known as Fuehrer and Reich Commander. His dictatorship had become complete. To leave no loopholes Hitler exacted from all officers and men of the armed forces an oath of allegiance--not to Germany, not to the constitution, which he had violated by not calling for the election of Hindenburg's successor, but to himself. It read:

I swear by God this sacred oath, that I will render unconditional obedience to Adolf Hitler, the Fuehrer of the German Reich and people, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, and will be ready as a brave soldier to risk my life at any time for theis oath.

This is the end of democracy, or what was left of it in Germany. From here on, we will be talking of life in a Nazi Germany and how it resembles, however slight, life in the US now.

Hopefully, something like the death of democracy will not happen here in the US, but with the unpublicised documentation pertaining to the continuity of government in the event of a national emergency, one must wonder.

Thanks. Keep watching, I will post again pretty soon.