Friday, January 11, 2008

Organization and Election Suspension

I am still reading. Slow but steady. I am currently on page 157. Hitler is making the final arrangements in order to weasel his way into power. Germany has been going through tough times and the Nazi party (aka the National Socialists) seemed to have all of the answers for a people in dire straights.

Hitler has already figured out that a rebellion through force to remove the current government from power would never work. The new power that would be instated would fall within a short amount of time due to lack of structure. Because of this, Hitler decided to institute a new direction for the Nazi party.

Page 120
"The Political organization of the Nazi party was divided into two groups: P.O. I, as it was known, designed to attack and undermine the government, and P.O. II to establish a state within a state. Thus the second group had departments of agriculture, justice, national economy, interior and labor-and, with an eye to the future, of race and culture, and of engineering."

"After considerable difficulties the S.A. was reorganized into an armed band of several thousand men to protect Nazi meetings, to break up the meetings of others and to generally terrorize those who opposed Hitler."

"To have a more dependable band Hitler created the S.S.-Schutzstaffel-put their members in black uniforms similar to those worn by the Italian Fascisti and made them swear a special oath of loyalty to him personally. At first the S.S. was nothing more than a bodyguard for the Fuhrer."

Hitler positioned people in charge of these departments that he could trust. Loyal followers from the early days. He understood that in order for him to succeed in taking control of Germany, it must be a seamless transition from the current situation to the ruling of the Nazis'.

On page 153, the book talks about how the Chancellor of Germany was concocting a plan to eliminate any possibility of Hitler coming to power. He was thinking of returning the republic to a dictatorship thereby locking Hitler out of the power seat he so desperately desired.

Page 153
"Bruening (Chancellor) planned to move boldly on the home front too and to bring about by agreement of all the major parties save the Communists a fundamental change in the German constitution. He meant to restore the Hohenzollern monarchy. Even if Hindenburg (President and 84 years old) could be persuaded to run again, he could not be expected at his age to live out another full term of seven years. Should he die in another year of two, the way would still be open to Hitler to be elected President. To forestall that, to assure permanency and stability in the office of head of state, Bruening broached the following plan: The 1932 presidential elections would be called off and Hindenburg's term of office simply extended, as it could be, by a two-thirds vote in the two houses of Parliament, the Reichstag and the Reichstrat. As soon as that was achieved, he would propose that Parliament proclaim a monarchy with the President as regent. On his death, one of the sons of the Crown Prince would be put on the Hohenzollern throne. This act too would take the wind out of the Nazis; in fact Bruening was confident that it would mean their end as a political force."

Now I have been saying for years now, that I can see the current administration trying to suspend the Presidential election in 2008 for many reasons; First of which is, Some kind of new 9-11 or Pearl Harbor. Bringing into question the security of the American nation and declaring Martial Law. Easily done thanks to the Patriot Act I and II and PDD 51, not to mention the Military Commission Act. Second reason I see coming is because of a well timed outbreak of war with a new enemy like Iran. It would be ill advised to change command in the middle of a national crisis like that. We will suspend the elections until the situation is stable enough to focus our attention away from it and back to the elections. Of course which will never happen. Again thanks to the Patriot Act I and II, PDD 51 and the Military Commission Act.

If you look closely at how our Presidential election has been going it is like a skipping record: 1981-Reagan...1985-Reagan...1989-Bush Sr.....1993-Clinton.....1997-Clinton....2001-Bush Jr.......2005-Bush Jr....2009-Clinton?

For twenty years the same people have been running this country. They have appointed everyone sitting in the position of power, from the cabinet members to the Supreme Court Justices to the heads of the CIA, FBI and Federal Reserve Bank (A privately owned and operated bank controlling the currency of the United States of America.). The people are in place, just like Hitlers.......the events are lining up, just like in Germany......all it will take is the command, just like Hitler in Germany.

Thanks for reading this and I hope I made sense of this all. As always, I look forward to reading your comments and view points on this topic. Please post them.