Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chage the World or Just Ourselves?

Hello everyone. I just got done watching Zeitgeist 2, and I have a few things I would like to get off of my chest. This is going to be a long bitch session and I hope you will bear with me.

1. Our monetary system.

I am so sick of hearing about how screwed up our system is and the corruption that goes along with it, in movies and here on the forum (prison planet), yet there seems to be no one who is willing to take the necessary steps to rectify the situation. I hear all the time, how the Federal Reserve act of 1913 was unconstitutional because, per the constitution, congress does not have the authority to redistribute the responsibility of printing money to any other organization, private or public.

Well, if this is the case, then why is it that not one case has been presented to the US Supreme court on the constitutionality of said act? At least to my knowledge none have. We have thousands on the forum (prison planet) and millions across the world who are part of the freedom movement, yet there are no lawyers willing to present the most important case to the Supreme Court in our history? This brings a sickening feeling to my heart, as I am not a lawyer and have only a basic understanding of law, as it were.

This is only one of many ideas on how to fix this problem, yet this is the only one that I can think of that is 1. Legal, and 2. Something we can do as average citizens. I understand the devastation to our economy if such an event were to actually be achieved; yet the long-term benefits will severely outweigh the short-term difficulties. Not to mention that the long term consequences of doing nothing are, in a word, unacceptable.

There are those who do not live in the US, which are thinking, “This does not affect me because it is the Americans that let this happen to them." To you, I urge you to take a good long hard look at your nations own economy and I will promise you that the corruption and control is, if nothing else, equal to our own.

2. Our Energy Independence

There is a massive amount of information out there dealing with the topic of alternative energy, yet there is no massive amount of progress towards utilizing said information. Lets take a look at some of the alternatives to coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear.

A. Geothermal.


Using mother earths own heat generation to power our lifestyles is not only smart, it is clean. I have not seen, though, any information as to environmental impacts due to the extraction of planetary heat, thus leaving the earth cooler. (Probably not an issue due to the shallowness of the wells drilled.)

B. Wind turbine.


Although this is a totally renewable resource, it does have its impacts on the environment. From massive amounts of land needed for a location to the more important bird killing aspects of the turbines. I do think that the amount of birds killed by a wind turbine a many, many fewer casualties than the number of animals killed in the use of oil.

C. Solar.


The technology in solar energy collection has been around for decades and should be getting amazingly better everyday. The hindrances of old solar farms should be a thing of the past now.

D. Tidal and Wave energy.

http://www.alternative-energy-news.info/technology/hydro/tidal-power/ http://www.alternative-energy-news.info/technology/hydro/wave-power/

This is a new on to me. I am not all that sure how it will work; yet it does seem like an unending supply of energy.

E. Thermal Depolymerization.


This is a very interesting concept that no one talks about except for a few, non televised scientists. This is easily the best way to obtain independence from foriegn oil without a total and complete destruction of our nations wilderness preserves and overhaul of our livelyhoods. This needs to be given more attention.

So, there are a few of the thousands of ideas for alternative energy. Lets face the facts. The oil companies will not help change the way we live because it will affect their bottom lines, and we cannot do it with the current government operations. We must take control of our government and change the way our country operates. This is an important task because, if we control our government, WE can control the companies by removing their control of us. It is all about what do we want. And what are we willing to pay. If this were to take place, the ramifications will be loud and harsh. Our economy will be destroyed (only to be rebuilt in a manner that we want), our lives will be turned upside down (only to be rebuilt in a manner that we want), our national security will be tested time and time again (but if we ban together we can retain our freedoms).

3. Politics

I hear all the time, how the political process in the US is a farce. Well, all I have to say about that is “Who’s fault is that?”

Well, the answer is simple. It is all of our faults. We allowed the system to be altered, and in doing so, allowed the system to break. For when the power to print money shifted from the elected officials to a bank that charges interest on our own money we borrow, the elected officials, for all intents and purposes, lost all of their power. Once the elected officials lost their power, the people lost their power to control said officials. The result was an economy that has twisted the population into a slavery hybrid requiring an individual to work in order to pay for the things needed to survive. The implementation of the social security system further turned the focus away from the government by instilling a sense of provider and defender to the government causing people to not want to “bite the hand that feeds you”.

So, how do we change the broken system? Well, the answer is in the question. WE do it. WE need to become the elected officials. WE need to work toward change. We need to do, whatever is necessary to bring about the alterations to our government instead of sitting at our keyboards bitching about what they did, or didn’t do now. We all know the presidential election is a joke, so we must start at the lower level governments.

Think about it. When the time comes for a military dictatorship to be declared, what level of government is going to be most important anyway? It is going to be the town councils, the town mayors, and the sheriff departments. These are going to be the one expected to go on the streets and quell any uprising. Not the military. And if the federal government does push the military into your town, wouldn’t you want the mayor, sheriff and town council members to be on your side against the military? They are our first line of defense, and should be our first point of attack.

I do not promote crime nor violence, yet I am, with every strain of my being, promoting a revolution of epic proportions, using their own techniques against them.

Imagine if in six years, the Federal Government decides to declare martial law in the US. The State governments are asked to activate the National Guard and round up citizens. The Mayors, Police, Sheriffs, Councils, State officials and National Guard members rise up against the unlawful Federal Orders instead would send a message of undeniable unity and an end to the tyranny in place.

Thank you for bearing with me and I welcome any comments with open arms.


PS. I know that I have mentioned some of this before, so this should show how strongly I feel about it.

Monday, December 29, 2008

A new reader

Well, I would like to take this time to thank the newest reader/commenter on this blog. You have chosen to join a "large" group of individuals (Rich and Sarah) who read and post on my rants.

Thank you for taking the time, and thanks to you other two for sticking with me.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Easier for you to read.

Hello Sarah,

Thanks for still reading. Interesting comments.

From WIKI:

Nonintervention or non-interventionism is a foreign policy which holds that political rulers should avoid alliances with other nations and avoid all wars not related to direct territorial self-defense. A similar phrase is "strategic independence".
Isolationism is nonintervention combined with economic nationalism (protectionism). Proponents of non-interventionism distinguish their polices from isolationism. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson favored nonintervention in European Wars while maintaining free trade and cultural exchange.

So there is a difference between the two. Simply put, Isolationism totally breaks us away from the rest of the world, while non-interntionism simply isolates us into a strictly self defence minded military force.

I would strongly recomment that anyone that wants to learn about our governmets “dirty secrets” pick up a copy of Ron Pauls book, “Revolution: A Manifesto”. I learned more about how our economy works by reading that book, than any thing else I have read. Also, if anyone wants to get pissed off, watch the HBO special called “Iraq for Sale”. It talks about the defence contracts in place for Iraq and the dirt behind the ears, so to say.

Also, talking about the bailouts, we must take into consideration what is taking place. In the bank bailouts, Congress was pushed to act quickly to “save” the economy. An overwhelming majority of the population disagreed with the idea and shut down the DC telephone and email switchboards the day of the vote with massive amounts of voter interaction with their representatives. In other words, so many people called and emailed their congressmen that the lines were overloaded. Yet they pushed it through. Now they are asked to do it again with the Auto makers. I think that they are a little more hesitant now because the bank one did not work.

As far as the jobs being saved? I can easily argue that the amount of jobs lost if the largest of the banks were to fold would be astronomical compaired to the Auto job losses. GM was stated that if they closed their doors, it would affect 2.5 million jobs over night. I can easilly see that number to be close, but if the banks were to fail, then it would be at least ten times that. The banks are what is keeping the industry running nowendays because of credit.

As pointed out in R.P.’s book, The way the banking industry works is this:

By law, a bank must have a certain percentage of its total deposits on hand ready to issue if needed. (i.e. people withdrawing money from their accounts) What happens is the banks will, through lending and spending, find themselves with a lower than allowed percentage of funds. The only way for them to return to the proper percentage is to borrow money from another bank or sell bank bonds. It is easier to borrow. Now the issue is that there is not enough money in the banking industry for them to borrow from another bank. They therfore cannot meet the required percentage and must start calling in loans and cutting staff to gain the required funds. They are now in a downward spiral that will end in their demise. The Federal Reserve Bank, a privatley owned bank, sees this problem and decides to buy bank bonds from the bank needing the cash. This injects money into the banking industry and the interest rates lower. This is how the Fed “cuts interest rates”. They have no control over any mysterious interest rate genie. They just print more money, not backed by anything except their word of its worth, and inject it into the market. This frees up money to be spent and pockets are loosend so interest rates go down. The problem with that is the more money you have in circulation, the less each piece of money is worth. This is the definition of inflation. The original definition of inflation meant the increase of the money supply. This increase, in turn, caused an increase in the price of goods. That is why most people define inflation as prices going up, instead of prices going up BECAUSE of inflation.

Anyway, I am going to go now. I think this makes sense. Get the book people. Read it. It is like, Government Corruption for Dummies”.

Any questions, please feel free to ask.

Good night.


Monday, December 8, 2008

It is about time

Hello all

I know that I haven’t posted in a very long time and some of the one of you may not be reading this anymore, but I need to vent about our economy and these f’in bail outs.

First things first, about our wartime economy.

I completely understand that we need a strong military in order to protect ourselves. No problem. My point is that the actual waging of war is far more costly than anyone can even begin to imagine. An increase in the National Debt of 5 Trillion dollars in a matter of 5 years is incredible. 5 Trillion. That is $5,000,000,000,000.00 in 5 years. That equates to 2,739,726,027.40 a day. As an increase to the National Debt!!!! How does the government gain this money? From taking loans from the, not so federal, Federal Reserve and selling government bonds to foreign investors (including other countries governments such as China). China now holds the most US government bonds in the world. If China were to start to sell the bonds they have, our dollar will begin to devalue at a rate never before seen in US history. Go back to my post about the German economy crashing pre-Nazi and you will get a taste of what would come. In September or October of this year amidst the crazy ramblings of the Bank bail out BS, the congress quietly passed the Pentagons 2009 budget. It included a 40 Billion dollar increase. $40 Bill increase? What the hell is the total number of the budget if they were able to grab a $40 Bill increase without the media reporting it? If you remember the week before 9-11 happened, Donald Rumsfeld held a press conference in which he stated that, through an audit, they found that there was a portion of their budget that had been lost and therefore the money had not been accounted for in the amount of 1 trillion dollars. Too much money floating around without the people really knowing what is going on.

Now, lets look at what we have done with our money over the last thirty years. Rich brought up a good point. “If we do not spend on our military, that would leave the door open for someone else to pass us as world leaders of military strength.” (Paraphrase)

This is not true. Look at what we did during the cold war. We were easily bankrupting ourselves in order to maintain a military supremacy over a tactically inferior opponent. We could, if we wanted to, maintain the strongest, best-trained and able military in the world on a fraction of its current budget. We would have to look at a restructuring of the armed forces, but it is easily planned out. Also, the money we could save would easily cover the rebuilding of our crumbling infrastructure which in its current state, could not handle the increased demand of electricity if the auto makers were to perfect the electric car, nor is the rest of the public service infrastructure any better. Bottom line is…….Post WWII and Pre Iraq, we were the bad asses on the planet. No one wanted to F with us. (Korea and Vietnam were our fault. We went there instead of minding our own business.) Iraq happened so well the first time because no one knew what we had. Now everyone knows what our capabilities are and how to fight us. We are stretched thin and we cannot win a building-to-building battle. We will not fight that way. It is too uncivilized. What about war is civilized though. Anyway, we need to adopt a position, not of isolationism, but of non-interventionism. That means that we do not interfere with other people’s issues as long as they do not affect our people and/or our soil DIRECTLY!!!!

Anyway, about the bailouts. It is no surprise that I was against the bank bailouts and it should come as no surprise that I oppose the automaker bailouts. Once the government starts to get involved, everything gets worse. Look at what happened after the bank bill passed. The government said that it would stabilize the stock market. That day it dropped 5 hundred points? And it has dropped 5 thousand points since. The auto bill will be no different. All this is allowing to happen is it is giving the government leverage against the largest of the large businesses by either allowing them to buy up interest in the company or by issuing loans with the requirement of government oversight. That is a pretty way of saying “monetary black hole”. Once you bail out the auto industry, what about the computer industry? We cannot live without computers now. And the farming industry? The oil industry? The textile industry? Where does it end? It doesn’t. Not without us stopping it before it begins. That is why I am including this website with the contact information of all of the congressmen and women in DC and the local offices. Call them and voice you opposition to saving the rich while the middle class is failing.




Just follow the instructions.

Good day to you all.