Saturday, January 5, 2008

Death of America

I know that my site is dedicated to writing about The Rise And Fall Of The Third Riech, but I was told the other day about a book that is either out now or comming out soon about how history truely repeats itself. I believe it is called "Death of America" or something like that. Look it up. Not only with America and Germany, but with ALL of the great empires of man. Do not fool yourselves into thinking that we are not an empire. We ARE the epidimy of an empire. So was England, France, Germany, Mongolia, Spain, Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Myans...etc. The list goes on and on. Why are the people set on repeating history? And will we ever learn? I am not sure. I know that in todays struggle, they empire has gone to extreme lengths to limit the responses of the masses. I heard a figure that something like 65% of the American population is on some kind of Anti-Depressent medication. Now either the majority of people out there are really screwed up and need these meds in order to function, we have seen, doctors and drug companies are prescribing drugs at record rates, and the money spent on advertising is astronomical. Could it be that everyone is crazy, or that people are being dupped into taking mind altering drugs for no reason other than to further the bank accounts of the drug executives. I have thought long and hard about this and I have come up with the idea that the Powers That Be have been using these drugs to alter our sence of reality and keep us focused on our crappy jobs in order for us to pay our credit card bills we can't sfford so we are always stressed, therfore need the drugs to calm us down because it is all so futile. Remember how it felt when you where on vacation? Not even thinking about work? It can bee like that more than only on vacation. Stop using credit cards. Stop running yourselves into debt which makes you have to work long hours. Long hours working and little sleep will lead to depression therfore requires anti-depression medications. Buy what you can afford. Save for what you can't. It takes will power and a drive to make your lives better. We can do it and free ourselves of the burdens being placed upon us by the Powers That Be. (Who ever they are for you.)

I know that I haven't posted on my book for a while but I have been real busy. I am trying to push through it, but I want to read the book to understand it, not just read a bunch of words. Please bear with me.