Monday, December 8, 2008

It is about time

Hello all

I know that I haven’t posted in a very long time and some of the one of you may not be reading this anymore, but I need to vent about our economy and these f’in bail outs.

First things first, about our wartime economy.

I completely understand that we need a strong military in order to protect ourselves. No problem. My point is that the actual waging of war is far more costly than anyone can even begin to imagine. An increase in the National Debt of 5 Trillion dollars in a matter of 5 years is incredible. 5 Trillion. That is $5,000,000,000,000.00 in 5 years. That equates to 2,739,726,027.40 a day. As an increase to the National Debt!!!! How does the government gain this money? From taking loans from the, not so federal, Federal Reserve and selling government bonds to foreign investors (including other countries governments such as China). China now holds the most US government bonds in the world. If China were to start to sell the bonds they have, our dollar will begin to devalue at a rate never before seen in US history. Go back to my post about the German economy crashing pre-Nazi and you will get a taste of what would come. In September or October of this year amidst the crazy ramblings of the Bank bail out BS, the congress quietly passed the Pentagons 2009 budget. It included a 40 Billion dollar increase. $40 Bill increase? What the hell is the total number of the budget if they were able to grab a $40 Bill increase without the media reporting it? If you remember the week before 9-11 happened, Donald Rumsfeld held a press conference in which he stated that, through an audit, they found that there was a portion of their budget that had been lost and therefore the money had not been accounted for in the amount of 1 trillion dollars. Too much money floating around without the people really knowing what is going on.

Now, lets look at what we have done with our money over the last thirty years. Rich brought up a good point. “If we do not spend on our military, that would leave the door open for someone else to pass us as world leaders of military strength.” (Paraphrase)

This is not true. Look at what we did during the cold war. We were easily bankrupting ourselves in order to maintain a military supremacy over a tactically inferior opponent. We could, if we wanted to, maintain the strongest, best-trained and able military in the world on a fraction of its current budget. We would have to look at a restructuring of the armed forces, but it is easily planned out. Also, the money we could save would easily cover the rebuilding of our crumbling infrastructure which in its current state, could not handle the increased demand of electricity if the auto makers were to perfect the electric car, nor is the rest of the public service infrastructure any better. Bottom line is…….Post WWII and Pre Iraq, we were the bad asses on the planet. No one wanted to F with us. (Korea and Vietnam were our fault. We went there instead of minding our own business.) Iraq happened so well the first time because no one knew what we had. Now everyone knows what our capabilities are and how to fight us. We are stretched thin and we cannot win a building-to-building battle. We will not fight that way. It is too uncivilized. What about war is civilized though. Anyway, we need to adopt a position, not of isolationism, but of non-interventionism. That means that we do not interfere with other people’s issues as long as they do not affect our people and/or our soil DIRECTLY!!!!

Anyway, about the bailouts. It is no surprise that I was against the bank bailouts and it should come as no surprise that I oppose the automaker bailouts. Once the government starts to get involved, everything gets worse. Look at what happened after the bank bill passed. The government said that it would stabilize the stock market. That day it dropped 5 hundred points? And it has dropped 5 thousand points since. The auto bill will be no different. All this is allowing to happen is it is giving the government leverage against the largest of the large businesses by either allowing them to buy up interest in the company or by issuing loans with the requirement of government oversight. That is a pretty way of saying “monetary black hole”. Once you bail out the auto industry, what about the computer industry? We cannot live without computers now. And the farming industry? The oil industry? The textile industry? Where does it end? It doesn’t. Not without us stopping it before it begins. That is why I am including this website with the contact information of all of the congressmen and women in DC and the local offices. Call them and voice you opposition to saving the rich while the middle class is failing.


Just follow the instructions.

Good day to you all.


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Sarah said...

hi Dan,
Glad to see a new post from you. I was beginning to think you'd washed your hands of this.

Regarding the military, There is no point you've made here with which I could find flaws. The military is so poorly managed. Spending all this money, clearly has not helped to protect our forces over seas, our borders, or our economy.

I think you know how I feel about our relations with China. But incase you forgot. There's nothing I find remotely good about the Chinese government. (haha-government)
I am glad you brought up the fact that they own us, to light. I don't think most people get that our country is being sold off like stocks.(to whom ever has the cash)

As for the bailouts, the're vomit enducing. Bailing out the slimey banks just below the Fed, regardless if you think the government should bailout anyone or not, was completely moronic.

As you said, it didnt stablize the market. And I cannot see how anyone outside there own organization benefited.

It's unbelievable to me that they handed out 800M and "handed it out so fast, they didnt account for it"
Why aren't we rioting in the streets? I am disgusted by the compaciency of this country, but of all with my own.

At least a bail out to auto industry will preserve a decent hunk of jobs,and at least put off the death of the industry in our country. Of course the handed over to the bankers no strings. and there actually taking detroit seriously, even asking questions, lol.
I just love the double standards. hmm... maybe you'd have to actually have "standards" for that to work.

Before I say goodnight I want to say one more thing about a bit you said about interference in foreign affairs.
You've said, roughly, isolationism is not the best solution, (I'm not sure the way I really feel right now)
I see some things in this statement,
"non-interventionism. That means that we do not interfere with other people’s issues as long as they do not affect our people and/or our soil DIRECTLY!!!!"

Now, personally, I can see the the definitions intention, but it really is, as most wording, subjective. People, as with anything I guess, could rationalize any situation into the box of non-interventionism.
But, our government doesnt really even bother to rationalize there decisions to us, the people. Bold faced lies work just as well.

Thanks again for the new post. Hope life's treating you well.